How did we get here?

The purpose of the Innovation Program at Cambridge-Isanti Schools is to provide structure and resources for district staff to implement innovative solutions to identified problems through a creative problem solving process. This program is the result of the strategic planning process and closely aligns with the district mission:

The mission of Cambridge-Isanti Schools, as the leader in innovative education offering unlimited options and opportunities, is to develop well-rounded individuals who excel in leadership, achieve at the highest levels and are responsible citizens, through highly effective staff addressing the unique needs of each individual in partnership with parents, students, and a unified community.

As the Innovation Program evolves, there has been a shift away from the more familiar technology grant program and towards a more in-depth creative solution process. This aligns with the Strategy 8 Action Team’s definition of innovation as, “a way to purposefully explore creative solutions” to an identified problem. The Innovation Program will continue to focus on supporting the process of exploring creative solutions to problems that are identified throughout the district, whether at the classroom, building or district level. Participants in the Innovation Program will collaborate with district colleagues, discover new methods for problem solving, and be exposed to ideas regarding innovation, including the difference between sustaining and disruptive innovation.