Guiding Team

The role of the Innovation Guiding team is to drive the Why?, What?, and How? of the Innovation Program.

Develop and Communicate the “WHY?”

    • Understanding Empathy, center of our work
    • Working within constraints of district mission
    • Urgency for building outside normal operations
    • Storytelling of innovation in and out of district

Provide Structure to the "WHAT?"

    • Maintain high levels of participation/enthusiasm
    • Maintain high number of “quick wins”
    • Support ideas/projects and design team members

Build Capacity for the "HOW?"

    • HCD, Lean Solutions, Rapid Prototyping
    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Common language, culture “It’s what we do”

Innovation Guiding Team Meeting Notes

Raymond Queener


Brenda Damiani

Director of Teaching & Learning

Kristin Daniels

Innovation Coordinator

Caroline Nerhus

Jackie Alderman

Jeremy Miller

Julia Lines

Kyle Groves

Mark Ziebarth

Patrick Morrow

Raymond Sperl

Robert Swanson

Steve Gibbs

Tanya Siedlecki

Terri Olson